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A Year in Review

When reflecting on the past year, all of us at Life Connection Mission are overwhelmed by the amount of progress and growth God has enabled our organization to achieve on behalf of our friends in Haiti. None of this would have been possible without the prayers, donations, hard work, and steadfast support of all of our supporters. We cannot thank you enough for opening your hearts to the people of Haiti!
Jesus taught us through the parable of the mustard seed that, even from tiny beginnings, the Kingdom of God can grow to a worldwide magnitude. In the same way, we feel that our mission of serving our Haitian brothers and sisters has grown from very humble beginnings into a capacity that many would have only dreamed of. We continue to happily watch the change, feelings of hope, and dignity that our friends in Montrouis now have. We are so thrilled to report that some of this year's successes included:


     Expansion of our high school program to include a 13th grade. This additional year of a high school education allows for our students to continue to practice English, reading and writing while enhancing other academic areas gifting each with greater confidence, knowledge, and abilities. The Institution Educative Excellence De Montrouis continues to provide a quality education by setting high demands and expectations for teachers and accountability for students' behaviors, attendance & truancy. All while working in collaboration with parents to understand and support Life Connection Mission's goal to educate the child and to build the bridge from poverty to prosperity. In August, LCM enrolled 25 new preschool students at the mission school. Additional classroom space has allowed for the expansion of the higher learning education program.  Now upon high school graduation our students will be able to continue their education by taking on-line college courses with our partner colleges in the United States. Students are learning critical computer and technology based skills. Our next planned building phase is a trade center which should be under construction in the next 18 months.  Between the trade center and higher learning program our students will be better prepared to find gainful employment upon graduation.


     The mission clinic, which operates five days a week and serves over 175 patients each week, has a full-time Haitian nurse and part-time Haitian doctor, both supported by our many visiting medical teams from the United States. The LCM clinic provides valuable and free medical care to the community, health screenings, surgeries, and rural medical outreach programs that bring teams high into the mountains to treat some the the poorest and most frightened sick people. Our medical outreach is a great accomplishment, and we look forward to offering medical assistance and preventative care to our community members.


     Building a thriving sponsorship program supported by our students’ devoted sponsors in the U.S. In addition to funding a valuable education, our sponsors have provided rice, beans, beds, financial assistance, home repairs, and more to their sponsor children. Many have also made visits to Haiti this year to strengthen the connection shared between our families.


     Digging and installing a third community well that provides a much-needed supply of clean drinking water for the children at the mission school as well as the extended community.


In addition, the continuous donations, fundraisers, prayers, and support from across the country have allowed for Life Connection Mission's long-term sustainability and growth in Montrouis. We are proud to operate with an extremely low overhead, including no paid staff members in the U.S., which means more of your contributions go directly to help the Haitian people!

Naturally, with every great accomplishment, we are driven to achieve more. We strive for all of our children attending our mission school to have a sponsor. We must continually stock the medical clinic with supplies and invite visiting teams
of doctors and nurses to care for our ill patients and oversee preventative care. If the future of Haiti is in our classrooms, we have to fill those classrooms and educate as many children as we possibly can with every opportunity we can possibly provide.
We have worked tirelessly to achieve goals, provide a better life, and present greater opportunities for the people we love in Montrouis. The reality, though, is without a tremendous support system, none of these dreams could have come true for us or our Haitian brothers and sisters. For that we are so thankful to you. In the faces of the children we play with, educate, and feed, we see dreams of a different Haiti. Stay with us and be a part of it. Believe in their future and commit to making it happen.

Bondye beni ou pou tout bagay sa yo byen out e fѐ. 

God bless you for all the good things you have done.


“Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace.”
1 Peter 4:10

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.
-Matthew 25: 35-36
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