2018 Successes: We are so grateful to everyone who has played a role in our success this year. We have accomplished so much, and it would not have been possible without the unending help of our supporters. Together we look forward to another year of bringing hope to the children of Haiti. As we think about “what’s next” let’s first celebrate our greatest highlights of 2018.

• Increased our number of sponsors for the medical clinic and school. We currently only have 14 students who do not have a sponsor. Please help us find those 14 children a sponsor before we enroll our next class of preschool students.
• Opening of the medical clinic (2,364 sq. ft.) that is more than double the size of the old clinic serving significantly more people. The new clinic has 3 exam rooms, one being set for a dentist who we hope to have visit sometime in 2019. A pharmacy that is two times the size of the old one, and fundraising efforts this year will focus on always having a stocked pharmacy! Throughout the year watch for ways you can help serve the sick.
• Construction of one home for a community member.
• Improved electricity in all classrooms at the mission school. Providing lights, fans, and technology to support student learning.
• Another successful Summer Camp - giving our children continuing education/tutoring throughout the summer, a daily meal, and of course, fun!
• For the first time ever, every single child received not only a bag or rice, but also a Christmas gift/backpack. In fact, many also received a bag of beans or a farm animal. Over $40,000 was contributed this year to make Christmas 2018 special. The 55lb bags of rice are incredibly helpful to families during the holiday time when their children are home from school. Our donors were INCREDIBLY GENEROUS!
• Building a thriving sponsorship program supported by our students’ devoted sponsors in the U.S. In addition to funding a valuable education, our sponsors have provided rice, beans, beds, financial assistance, home repairs, and more to their sponsor children. Many also made visits (so many new guests!) to Haiti last year to strengthen the connection shared between our families.
• Construction of a new school kitchen and cafeteria (1,440 sq. ft.), allowing a more efficient way to prepare 500 meals daily and providing better working conditions for our cooks. Every child now eats in the cafeteria (no longer in their classrooms) and our wonderful school cooks are using propane gas (previously charcoal), a far better option for the environment, their health, and the long term care of the kitchen.

Goals for 2019: By striving for these goals, and many more, we will continue to provide education, medical assistance, ministry and other outreach in our efforts to give our Haitian brothers and sisters the opportunity for a better life.

• First and foremost, we will prayerfully consider how God is leading our mission in Haiti, and continue striving to connect everyone’s talents and gifts to best serve God’s purpose for our mission.
• Expansion of the student computer center. LCM hopes to offer on-line computer education not only to more of our school students, but also to more members of the community.
• Opening of the St. Joseph Vocation School which will provide professional trade skills allowing students to gain employment as electricians, plumbers, seamstresses, mechanics, masons, and carpenters in years to come. The first major success will take place in early spring when LCM begins a full partnership with Sonlight Power based out of Ohio. In exchange for space at the St. Joseph’s Vocation School, they will provide a solar academy in which our students will be welcomed first to learn how to install and maintain solar panels. A growing resource in the country.
• With the help of the Solar Academy, 36 new solar modules will be added to the new clinic and school kitchen providing consistent and stronger electric- powering over head lights, outdoor security lights, fans, 2 freezers, and an air conditioning unit in the surgical room.
• Mainstreaming communication with staff in Haiti and improving collaboration (likely with Office 365)
• Create a Haitian Board of Advisors, thus empowering the Haitians to a greater extent
• Install a new play area up to 6,000 sq. ft. with landscaping and a safe area for children to play. This is a $37,000 project.
• Identify two members within our community to build/repair homes.
• Evaluate and consider ways to continue improving test scores at the school
• Expand funding for the clinic to serve a greater number of those in desperate need
• Another successful Summer Camp
• Launching a redesigned and mobile friendly website…this is it!
• Another wonderful Christmas! Providing every family with a bag of rice and every child with a gift.
• Continue enhancing the lives of the friends we have in Montrouis by maintaining and creating new partnerships with churches, schools, and other organizations in the United States.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

 Acts 20:35