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Why Donate?

Do you ever wonder how you landed here, in the United States and not there in a third world country? A country where running water doesn't exist, a health care system is unheard of, or providing for your family off of $1-$2 daily is the hope. The Haitian people have suffered government corruption, natural disasters, horrific infectious diseases, and terrible hunger. 

We have to become aware of how much so many others struggle simply to survive. All in this one great world... we find, rich and poor, sick and well, hungry and sated. We have the ability to change it. Life Connection Mission is committed to make it happen.

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Bag of Rice & Beans

It’s a staple of the Haitian diet and a staple of our mission outreach. Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”

School Feeding Program

Our school feeding program provides a nutritious meal to every student each school day. Help us continue to offer free school meals with your generous gift.

Community Feeding Programs

A significant percentage of Haitians are undernourished. With your help, we can feed those most in need.

Sponsor the Clinic

Our medical clinic is in constant need of supplies, prescription medications, and maintenance.

Supplies & Medications

Help give the gift of life… Our doctors and nurses provide critical medical care in our community.

St. Joseph’s Vocational School

A trade is more than just a job. A trade is a means to building a life and caring for a family including providing food security, shelter, education, and medical care.

School Improvements

We believe that education is a critical first step in breaking the bonds of poverty and ensuring a brighter tomorrow for Haiti’s youth.

School Play Yard

Help us transform land behind our preschool classrooms into a play yard for your youngest children to safely play.

Sponsor New Life in Christ Church

The New Life in Christ Church helps the community grow in their love for Christ. Your support can aid the Church’s efforts to share the Gospel.

Farm Animals

Farm animals provide an important source of food. They can also lead to life sustaining micro-industries for their owners and their families.

Provide Clean Water

Many residents of Montrouis do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation services. They must rely on the local river and streams to drink, wash, and more.

Vehicle Fund

A safe, large, 4x4 multi-purpose vehicle that can be used as a mobile clinic, emergency transportation, community work, and transport up to 13 volunteers to and from the airport.

My Mission Trip

Come see first-hand what a difference you can make to these beautiful children. Stay, work, & pray with us, and discover one of the most memorable and life changing experiences you can imagine.

As LCM Needs

The mission is always in need of supplies to support our efforts-whether it would be tires for the truck, soap for the clinic, printer ink for the school, or gas for the generators.

“Never miss an opportunity to do good.”

St. Francis de Sales