Medical missions have always been a large part of Life Connection Mission. The need for medical care is great in Haiti. Our medical mission teams bring much needed support the community of Montrouis. Our mission has cared for thousands of needy people and done hundreds of surgeries over the years. We are confident we have helped in saving many lives and alleviated much suffering.

LCM once did clinics and surgery in the open and under the palm trees. Our clinic is dedicated to providing medical care in a clean and safe environment providing the utmost dignity to our patients. It is a blessing for our community.


Due to the generosity of sponsors, LCM has been able to hire two full-time Haitian nurses and one full-time Haitian doctor to work in the clinic. In addition to running the clinic on a daily basis and serving the sick in the community, Nurse Rebecca is able to assist with healthcare and the education of good hygiene practices at our mission school.

There is always a great medical need in the Montrouis area and American volunteers are always welcome. These volunteers can be doctors, nurses, emergency medical personnel, or anyone with the desire to help. Please consider this opportunity to serve.

Sponsor the Clinic

Our medical clinic is in constant need of supplies, prescription medications, and maintenance.

Supplies & Medications

Help give the gift of life… Our doctors and nurses provide critical medical care in our community.

The Need for Good Medical Care

Jacky–Thieng Casimir, once a 4th grader at the Life Connection Mission school, sustained life threatening injuries when he fell from a breadfruit tree. His subsequent plight to receive medical care was a lesson to mission staff about the grim realities of the health care system in Haiti.

As no ambulance was available, Jacky was transported to the hospital in the bed of a pick-up truck without any of the usual precautionary devices to immobilize and prevent further trauma.

Jacky ultimately endured a grueling 2.5-hour journey to Gonaives. The initial diagnosis indicated internal bleeding requiring immediate surgery. Jacky’s liver was lacerated and bleeding. X-rays also revealed a fractured left arm and right ankle, and casts were placed on both. Jacky’s father informed us of his insurmountable task of obtaining the blood needed for transfusion as requested by the attending physician. When in need of blood for a family member, you must provide the funds for family members, friends, or people on the street to go to the clinic for screening. Each pint donated is exchanged for a pint of blood that is a match for your family member for a fee. The family is required to bring a container and ice to keep it cold and is personally responsible for transporting and delivering the blood to the hospital. All of the blood was purchased at La Croige with money donated through LCM and was delivered to the hospital on February 14.

In Haiti, a family member must also remain with the patient at all times to provide care. It is their responsibility to feed, bathe, position, and assist with other personal care. All linens and clothing must be laundered by the family member.

Members of LCM's team visited Jacky while in the hospital. He was so overwhelmed that tears streamed down his face. Jacky shared that “By the grace of God I know that I will heal.” He asked that a message get sent to his sponsor, “Be strong for me. As I lie in this hospital bed I pray for you.” Thankfully, because Jacky is sponsored, the mission was able to assist with his medical expenses and care, and because of everyone’s prayers, Jacky has made a full recovery!

Clinic's Top 5 Greatest Needs!

  1. Anti-Fungal Cream
  2. Tylenol (tablets or liquid)
  3. PepcidAc
  4. Hydrocortisone Cream
  5. Neosporin

Please consider supporting the clinic by adding these helpful items to your regular shopping list.
All donations can be sent to Life Connection Mission:
23 Grey Pebble Ct. Germantown, MD 20874.

In addition to serving in LCM's medical clinic, medical teams are always needed to go into the mountains as part of a mobile medical team to serve the poor and frightened beyond our community. Suggested items for a mobile medical kit.

LCM's Guide for Medical Missions

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“Hold fast to God’s hand and He will lead you safely through all trials. Whenever you cannot stand, He will carry you lovingly in His arms.”

St. Francis de Sales