Celebrating 20 years!

Our Story

There are a few in our world who view missions serving in third world countries as “ineffective”. They see missions as “temporary” only serving until the next disaster or need becomes greater. These same people may see the work of missions as a band-aid on a far greater issue. Our simple response-they have not had the blessing to experience the love, compassion, and dedication that some missions maintain in order to truly improve another person’s life. They have not received pictures of their sponsor child, a Christmas picture, or a hand-written note thanking them for their support. They have not experienced partnering with LCM!

In 2018, Life Connection Mission celebrated serving in Haiti for 20 years! It is RARE to find any non-profit of our size, operating only by volunteers existing for this long in a developing country. Probably more uncommon not just to survive, but to grow in a third world country. We are an effective mission. We have changed lives and will continue to do so. We have provided an education to hundreds and will continue to do so. We have improved opportunities for thousands AND will continue to do so. We have existed where others can’t because of YOU!

We share this for two reasons:

1. Thank you for believing and trusting in LCM- we know there are so many needs around the world and so many options you could choose when looking to help others, so we thank you for choosing us and entrusting us with your charitable giving.

2. We are PROUD!! We often reflect on the growth of LCM and can’t help but say (with beaming smiles on our faces) “LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME!”