For Sponsors

With your help, LCM has improved lives and provided an education to thousands. God willing, we will continue to do so. We will carry on to improve the opportunities made available to our students. We have existed and grown where others haven’t; because of you. Thank you for believing and trusting in LCM - we know there are so many needs around the world and so many options you could choose when looking to help others, so we thank you for choosing us and entrusting us with your charitable giving.

Please utilize this page to catch up on a sponsorship payment, make an annual payment, set-up an automatic monthly payment, purchase a gift (rice & beans, bed, farm animal, or bike) for your sponsor child, or make a financial contribution to your sponsor child's family.  When given the option, please either use the memo line or include your sponsorship number to provide LCM with as much information as possible to see that your gift gets to the correct child. If you sponsor more than one child, use the quantity feature.

Thank you for your commitment & love!

My Payment

Make your sponsorship payment to maintain your child's education, medical care, and daily meal.

Christmas Gifts for Your Child

Please consider sharing in our joy of bringing Christmas to your sponsor child(ren) in Haiti!

Bag of Rice & Beans for Your Child

Give the life sustaining gift of a bag of rice and beans to the child that you sponsor.

Farm Animals for Your Child

Farm animals provide an important source of food. They can also lead to life sustaining micro-industries for their owners and their families.

A Bed for Your Child

The thought of a child sleeping on the floor is unimaginable for many of us. The mission will purchase a bed and deliver it to your sponsor child’s home.

A Bicycle for Your Child

A real treat for the children in Haiti! This is a BIG gift and requires responsibility, so save it for a major accomplishment.

Financial Contribution to Family

A financial donation that will go to the family directly allows for them to use your gift for their greatest needs.

“Act and God will act, work and He will work.”

St. Joan of Arc