One of LCM’s Greatest Success Stories

Meet Carsange Pierre

Hello, my name is Casange Pierre. I don’t remember the details of how I came to live in Montrouis and virtually cared for by Life

Connection Mission. I know what I’ve been told. My grandfather knew he wasn’t going to live much longer so he was trying to find someone to care for me. He came upon Dale Moyers and Alex Binot. Life Connection Mission doesn’t take children, but when he mentioned that only restaurants wanted me (esclave in Haiti), Dale didn’t hesitate. He told him they would keep me and care for me. Alex

Binot worked for the mission. He took care of me on a day-to-day basis. He moved me in with his family; where I still live today. Life Connection Mission has, through Dale and his sister, Peggy, provided food to Alex’s family to help. I don’t realize that impact since it’s all I really know. I hope that makes since to you. What I do know, in my heart, is that because of LCM I am loved and cared for. I thank God for the opportunity of the education I am receiving, for which I have a better chance in life. I’m thankful that I know I will have food every day; many people I know don’t have this. I have no idea where I would be if Life Connection Mission was not here when my grandfather brought me here. I know God put he and Dale in the same place to give me the life I have.