Celebrating 20 Years!

a school building

After our founding in 1998, Life Connection Mission opened the doors to the school in 2001 with only 4 classrooms. Students attended a half day of school and there was no feeding program. Flash forward to 2018 and our school now has 19 classrooms, a computer center offering on-line college classes, 3 preschool classrooms, and…

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One of LCM’s Greatest Success Stories

an adult man giving a shirt to a young boy

Meet Carsange Pierre Hello, my name is Casange Pierre. I don’t remember the details of how I came to live in Montrouis and virtually cared for by Life Connection Mission. I know what I’ve been told. My grandfather knew he wasn’t going to live much longer so he was trying to find someone to care…

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Eight year old girl, named Mole’ne

A group of children are smiling in front of a camera.

One day, while walking through the community of Montrouis, Dale Moyers ran into an eight year old girl, named Mole’ne. She was one of five children whose parents had just recently passed away. Her aunt, who he was already familiar with, took in two of the children, both girls. Already having five children of their own,…

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